Six Degrees of Europeans

As I have been preparing for Scotland, I have run across a few people who have friends all over Europe. Because I would like to travel as much as possible, if any of you have friends in continental Europe (particularly Eastern Europe) or in the UK, please let me know!

5 Replies to “Six Degrees of Europeans”

  1. Sammy is back in Salzburg for good, and we have a couple of friends from Germany, but they are in N. America and their families don’t speak English. Have friends here from Ireland as well as Scotland. I work with a guy from Macedonia – that might be cool. There’s evidently a great place to go in the Czech Republic – Sammy could tell you more about that. I’ll keep thinking. Get in touch with Brandon about places in Edinburgh.

  2. One of my best friends from college is teaching English in Mainz, Germany. I think it’s more in the western part of the country, but still. I’m sure she’d be happy to show you around some where or put you up for a couple nights or something. I also have a friend in Benenden, England. I’ve never been, but apparently it’s really ruralsville England… Let me know if you want e-mail or other contact info.

  3. I’ve got a friend-of-a-friend in Salzburg as well as a number of ties to southern France, though I’m not sure that either of those will serve you any use…perhaps an acquaintance in Oxford is more reasonable, but that’s about it.

    Still, I’m glad to see everything you’re writing. Keep exploring!

  4. I got the name of the kid at St. Andrews – Collin Cunnigham. Went to highschool with me so he is somewhat cool by association. I’m sure you’ll recognize him if you see him, he’s the emaciated one…

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