The Guys

Thus far, a lot of my entries have been “where has mark been?” rather than “where is mark?” My apologies. In order to get back to the present, we present…

who are these guys?: a totem-pole of mark’s business partners*

Terry, aka Bossman
The godfather of Terry Elston Construction and Kitchen Cottage, Terry is seldom seen but always eerily present.

The head-honcho, figure-outer, and chief (thanks for the spelling tip, Mom) worrier on the job site. Altough quiet, Bill is sure to get frustrated by something at least six times a week, but he throws up a mighty fine house frame.

Smoke bombs in the port-o-let, chili dogs for breakfast, and some permanent shoulder problems from bull-riding. ‘Nuf said.

Aubrey, aka Aug
Apparently, Aug tried the Marines once. We haven’t figured out why – there may not be another human being as incapable of seriousness as Aug. Excellent carpenter and teacher. Designator of “Junior” and “Bubbles” nicknames and cheif dirty-joke teller.

The Machine, aka Thomas
Apparently, The Machine earned his nickname by wielding a sledgehammer in each hand at one point while driving in stakes. He also claims, “in his day,” to have been able to haul seven sheets of 5/8″ plywood at once.

Andrew Elston
The man. Son of Bossman, hardworking, quiet but friendly, and engaged to be married next summer at 22 years of age. !@#$%^?

Boots, aka Milkshake
Aubrey’s pupil, learning dirty jokes by the day, Boots somehow got the plum job of running to the store for break every morning. Special note: don’t ever, ever ask to borrow Boots’s nail digger, and don’t ask anybody about Boots’s personal information, because we all know it and wish we didn’t.

Paul the Apostle
Former LSU football player and geology major, then missionary to Chile for three years, now carpenter and youth minister. Second day: So, Mark – do you have a personal relationship with Jesus?” Probably the smartest guy on the crew, and soon to be father of three girls (one adopted from Chile).

Mark**, aka Junior, Bobby, Bubbles, Double-Shot, etc.
Well, at least he works hard. Probably should’ve spent a little more time outside when he was a kid.

A part-time student who an throw a baseball in the low 90’s, but can’t walk across joists without scoring a severely bruised shin. New, but has worked three days longer than Philip, and has figured out how to avoid slab-sweeping at all costs.

Philip, aka Dude
The newest guy who keeps me from having to do all of the grunt work. Bless him.

*This post was originally designed with pictures, but I’m not smart or persistent enough to figure out the html. Sorry.
**Bubbles may belong futher down the totem pole. However, because this is Bubbles’ website, Bubbles gets to put himself above Philip and Brent.

6 Replies to “The Guys”

  1. my suggestion for pictures would be I’m not sure what you’re using for publishing, but it pretty much works with everything. You just upload your pic at (no charge) and it produces an html tag line to copy and paste into your blog. Pictures stay fresh for 30 days after their last viewing, so theoretically, forever.

  2. hey mark it’s adriana, thought i would drop you a line so you would know that i didnt use my napkin as tissue. 🙂

    p.s. bow to the powers of O

  3. hey man. the tech trip was rad. have a great semester on earth, and at it’s various locales.
    also, you mistyped my xanga site’s url. that little backslash at the very end means that it just brings up the xanga error page.

  4. to insert pictures:
    [img src=”http://webaddresswhere-the-picutre-is.jpg”]

    just replace my crazy URL with a real one and replace the square brackets with >s instead

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