The Non-Adventure Entry

At the behest of a few disgruntled readers (read: Ryan) I am posting a non-adventurous entry here. I was going to wait until I got to Scotland, but… well, W is an impatient fellow.

So: a word on my current reading. Right now I am slowing making my way through Daniel Ladinsky’s Love Poems From God, an amazing collection of spiritual poets. My favorites, which I can’t figure out how to center:


“Anyone Who Suffered,” by St. Francis of Assisi

would not
leave this earth until God

that my hands could always touch the face of anyone who


“One Day,” by Rabia

One day He did not leave after

3 Replies to “The Non-Adventure Entry”

  1. hmm I like this. . . I like that I can now keep up with you a little better and know what is going on in your life! If I do not talk to you before you leave, have a fantastic time! I will be praying for you and will miss our random in depth talks. give me a shout on my xanga at some point please, russianprincess14. -Stasia

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