Address in St. Andrews

Woohooooo! With postage at just 80 cents per letter, my address and housing in St. Andrews is here:

Mark Hand
AP/0405 Albany Park
St. Mary’s Place
St. Andrews
Fife KY16 9BP

To see my flat, click here

Here goes nothing, folks. T-minus 30 hours!

4 Replies to “Address in St. Andrews”

  1. hey friend! happy scotland to you – you can now stop scolding me for zero posts 🙂 it was great seeing you off, and i wish you tons of brilliant adventure in the next few months. i’ll get the book back to you with notes in the margin asap –

    live it up, love

  2. Mark;
    This is a lot of fun keeping up with your adventures in Scotland. I think you should extend your visit and skip the trip to India

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