The Update

It’s hard to believe I’ve only been here for a week – I believe that the Calvin and Hobbes “The Days Are Just Packed!” book title sums up what life is like right now, and what life should be like.

That, and only that, keeps me from feeling guilty about not giving my loved ones enough updates on my adventures. I PROMISE I’m keeping a journal so I won’t forget it all. Two “snapshots”:


1) I slept the first night on the mattress because I didn’t have sheets. Not knowing how to work the radiator, I also froze. Not to be discouraged, I found Marlene the linen lady the next day and got my first set of Scottish sheets, along with…

A free set of golf clubs.

Yep, that’s right. My golf hole-playing total is nine, and I was just granted a free set of clubs that someone had left two semesters ago and never come back for (yes, right-handed, I checked thanks to Revantha my left-handed Sri Lankan friend). It did, however, take me thirty minutes to figure out how to put Scottish sheets on. And no, they’re not really that different.

2) Our last night in Edinburgh: myself, Alan Jackson, Christian, Nick, and Will went to get something to eat (ending up, of course, in a pub) before climbing Arthur’s Seat – the mountain behind the new (and quite heinous) Scottish Parliament building – and heading straight back to another pub, where Nick, Alan Jackson and I were subsequently adopted by three Irishmen who knew every word to the Rage Against the Machine songs that the Scottish coverband was playing. We finally found dinner at 3:30 am.

PS – St. Andrews is on now. Look for Mark Clayton Hand 😉

7 Replies to “The Update”

  1. Hey sounds like you are havin’ fun! sorta. ha. Glad to hear it. Did your friend of a friend introduce you to the prince yet? haha. Good luck and go nuts. or don’t.

  2. I think that you should def try that whole letting your clothes freeze overnight thing like we discussed. . . my love is sent to you over the big blue ocean. . . 😀

  3. Hi Mark!
    Thought I’d give this a rip. Enjoyed your letter today. Thanks for taking the time to bring us up to date.You will find that your greatgrandfather Aillet has cut a wide path and you will have to adjust to that fact.He makes me proud every day I wake. What a great man he was. Your Mother had the fortune of knowing him better than the other siblings since she worked with him while in school.
    I look forward to keeping up with you as you post your experiences. Golf clubs and pubs. Don’t get no better’n that!
    Love you,

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