The Raging Chemical Addiction That Is “24”


If you value your life, your time, your family, friends or sleep, under no circumstances should you watch an episode of 24, the show that I can only describe as fitting into the drama/suspense/crack cocaine genre. Within sixteen hours of watching the first episode of the season two DVD set owned by my flatmate/dealer Dave, I had watched five episodes, and I’m what they call a “moderate user.”

Oh yeah, the weekend trip to Stirling was cool too.

3 Replies to “The Raging Chemical Addiction That Is “24””

  1. this has nothing to do with you or your site, but i thought it was funny. you may thing it is funny as well. perhaps this is somthing that i should have emailed to you. oh well

  2. Well Mark we dodged the “24” bullet when it was first out and Mike started watching it this season and everything stops when it is on. It is on Season Pass to be recorded even when we are away from the house. Intense is all I can say, for a televison show.

    Hope you are doing well….50 more days and we have landing of the AAV Marines from Camp Lejeune, Yaaa Hooooo!!!

    Aunt Jeri

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