The Love Board

The Love Board 002.jpg

Thank you thank you thank you to all of you who have sent me snail mail, which is worth more than gold. This is the bulletin board in my room on which all of your transatlantic love is posted, ordered around the central photo of a cigar-smoking Che Guevara.

5 Replies to “The Love Board”

  1. So. . . I will send mail- I cannot say I promise but I promise to try! I hope that you had a great St. Valentine’s Day and I am SOOOOO glad that you are having a great time over there!

  2. Hey Mark, I use to coin the phrase” What a Sight!” referring to whatever you had painted on yourself, dressed up as, or created out of the latest retrowear. But now I will say “What a Site!’ Your webpage is awesome-tired word but so fitting. What fun to see what you are up to. The photos are carrying over as are the other images/links,etc. My compliments to your webmaster.(How’s the pay?). You look to be making the most of your latest adventure. The grave site is my all time favorite. . . morbid,querky humor but I get it. Keep us updated and we will do the same. Stay safe. Love, Aunt Minette

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