Edinburgh & Glencoe

Ahh, adventure.

This weekend was quite full, with a visit from Megan Russell (From Ruston, Vanderbilt, and France in that order) and friend Sarah on Thursday, followed by a Scottish train ride (first ever!) to Edinburgh to meet Matt, Andrew, Murat and Sean for a weekend in Glencoe (click here for beautiful pictures). Matt is a Vandy kid at Edinburgh, and Andrew is Vanderbilt in France; Matt’s flatmates, Murat and Sean, are from France and the US.

After my first deep-fried Mars Bar on Thursday night, the boys and I headed by bus to Glencoe. Under the fearless leadership of Matt Merker, we immediately tackled sans trail the Pap of Glen Coe, a 750-meter peak overlooking the scenic “Weeping Valley,” an excursion which my quadriceps will not soon forget.

After our Scottish breakfast at the Loch Laven B&B, we set out for a less ambitious hike around the glen (see top two pictures on the flickr site) before heading back to Edinburgh for dinner, drinks, and rest. Today I toured solo the Scottish National Gallery, home of Raphael’s Madonna of the Pinks among other granduers. I looked for paintings by the other Ninja Turtles, with no luck…

More adventures and reflections to come. Thanks for reading!


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