As my health rapidly deteriorates, I am in need of some culinary assistance. If you could, please send food tips and recipes for meals that are:

1) Cheap,
2) Easy to make,
3) Nutritious, and
4) Tasty,

prioritized in no particular order. I have a full kitchen and access to a grocery store with fresh produce. Cookbook me!

4 Replies to “Help!”

  1. This happens to be something I’ve been working on…I’ll put a few things together and email them to you. Welcome to the land of “on sale” and “from scratch” cooking! Would you also like the names of good cookbook or two?

  2. cookbook recommendations? but of course! send it all my way, because cereal and sandwiches are getting old fast. i can cook a mean breakfast, though.

  3. here is what i am making tonight. as a dinner with a lot of ingredients it is probably more expensive than some meals you could make (total for 1 person = about 3 pounds) but it will be healthy and hearty.

    -some sort of sauce (i got a chinese black bean and red pepper “stir fry” sauce)
    -cooking oil
    -lots of fresh veggies. for me, onions, garlic, broccoli, green beans, and red pepper.
    -some meat. i got some “diced pork” that cost 3.50 and should give me enough meat for 3 dinners.

    put the oil (i’m using olive oil b/c it’s healthiest and tastiest) in the pan with the garlic (chopped finely) and onions (cut/diced etc.) let ’em cook for a few minutes, then add the rest of the veggies, sauce, meat. all the stuff might have slightly different cooking times so you may need to pull some of it out early, i’d keep tasting the individual ingredients and seeing when you’re satisfied with each. at the same time you need to be cooking the rice in another pot, follow the directions on the box. hopefully it’ll all be done around the same time, plop the rice onto your plate and pour the pan’s contents over it. soak it up with some whole wheat bread and wash it down with beer if ya got it.

    hope that helps!

  4. Really, really easy is to make sure you always have some soy sauce, balsamic vineagar, garlic and/or lemon juice. White wine is also a good base if you like. Then just pick fresh veggies and meat, choose one of the above flavorings and a base of either rice or pasta and sautŽ your meat and stuff with sauce and serve over base. This covers variations ranging from spaghetti (tomatoes, lemon garlic and white wine make for a fancier and very yummy sauce) to stir fry. I miss cooking…

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