My Favorite Scottish People

Although i haven’t met most of them, I have a few new “friends” here in Scotland, most of which I encounter on my daily walks to class and town. The first is a four-to-five year old boy who likes to climb up the playground slide and then shimmy down the stairs; he also regularly gives up chasing his football (soccer ball) to chase other people’s dogs instead. Second is a wrinkly old man with an equally old golden retriever who walks on the beach every day and smiles indiscriminately at everyone else. Third is the stroller-bound toddler I saw this morning on my way home; in obvious protest, he had leaned sideways so that his head and left shoulder hung over one edge of the stroller, his right leg dangling over the other side. Fourth is Allison, the incredibly helpful middle-aged employee of the “Psychic Gardens” from which I bought Mom’s Scottish Mother’s Day present. A warning to other guys: those of us who rely on Hallmark windows to remember important days (Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, etc.), beware – they like to switch up holidays when you cross too many time zones. Did you know that American Mother’s Day isn’t March 6th?

3 Replies to “My Favorite Scottish People”

  1. “Seeing new people” are you? Children who go “up the down” and “down the up” and strain at the confines of a stroller make life interesting. 🙂 The smiling, wrinkly old man is a treasure! And on our Scottish calendar it’s called “Mothering Day” – I like it!

  2. Glad to see you’re appreciating the little things in life in Scotland. Would football in Europe be futball? You tha man and keep the posts a comin’. I really enjoy reading about your adventures.


  3. did hanging out with me make you sappy? 😉 you’re going to watch the notebook, aren’t you (i kid, i kid)

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