Jonathan in Iraq

More to be proud of: below are photos from my friend Jonathan Carroll in Baghdad. Feel free to leave messages for Jonathan here – I will make sure he gets them. Keep your head down, J-Money.

redcon 1.jpg

convoy from kuwait.jpg


iraqi women.jpg

al saboor mosqe.jpg

iraqi sunset.jpg

6 Replies to “Jonathan in Iraq”

  1. Jon-
    I sure hope you are making good use of that toliet paper. The good stuff with aloe is waiting for you at home. Peace.
    -John Montgomery

  2. hey baby!! i miss you and love you very much. im sooo proud of my army man. ur the best. ladybug. love, your girlfriend

  3. Hey Jonathan!
    I miss your wit and jokes. You were always a light for me when we were in the youth group together.

    Please be careful as you can be- we miss you and want you home more than you can ever know!

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