While I’m not really feeling a thoughtful entry about our 12-mile day-hike in Pitlochery, I thought I might share some pictures. Here you go!

By the way – I have been putting up all of the pictures as thumbnails because I don’t know how to resize them easily when uploading…

The view from our lunch break:

Pitlochery 19.03.05 007.jpg

Whatever, I can do directions.

Pitlochery 19.03.05 013.jpg

Mile number 6:

Pitlochery 19.03.05 022.jpg

Pitlochery, home of the fiercest of wild beasts:

Pitlochery 19.03.05 029.jpg

Attempting to create some spiritual metaphor out of this, and failing:

Pitlochery 19.03.05 033.jpg

Mile 10:

Pitlochery 19.03.05 035.jpg

This might have been the strangest trail ever. We went through mountains, neighbourhoods, (*ahem*) fertilized fields, and forests to make it to…
Pitlochery 19.03.05 037.jpg

…the smallest whiskey distillery in Scotland, Edradour.

Pitlochery 19.03.05 045.jpg

Enough. Thanks for your time!


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