Easter Break, Part I

Welcome back, folks. My Easter Vacation exploits, into parts by location:
Part II – ENGLAND: Beefeaters and Frozen Pizza
Part III – CROATIA: Happy Easter – Salty Oysters?
Part IV – ITALY: Holding Its Breath
Part V – FRANCE: Food, Wine, and Nutella

Because I still don’t know how to manipulate images on the PC, here is a photo of the map of my route:


I will say, before any stories shared, that I have discovered along the way how much more I enjoy people than mountains and monuments. While some of the places along the way were breathtakingly beautiful, I appreciate most the conversations had along the way – friendships rebuilt, continued and created. Thanks to all of you who showed me your hospitality and shared your time over the last two weeks!

Now that the two-week trans-Europe tour is finished, I will be settling in to two weeks of writing thirty pages. Please forgive me if, aside from updating “where is mark?” I am underground for a little while.

-mark hand
-marko ruka
-marco mano
-marc main

3 Replies to “Easter Break, Part I”

  1. finally! thanks for the update. glad to know you had a good trip. i am leaving for greece in four weeks! ahhh! cant wait! (then back to Mississippi for summer school! yuck!) have a good week, good luck with the writing. now i have to go close myself up in the library to study for my nutrition test. bye

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