On deck and in the hole

I’m not sure what it is about me that causes my mind to jump forward about two months faster than my body is allowed, but as I have begun to plan for next fall (planning for India beyond plane tickets seems a little silly), a few activities have come into focus:

Manna Project. I don’t know what Manna will look like next year, but God and El Presidente Bruce willing, I’ll be in the mix somewhere.

Fair Trade Nashville. This doesn’t really exist yet, but I’ve got some ideas. I’ve had some replies from a few of you who were interested in the project, but can’t quite remember who spoke up. Email me if you’re interested!

-61st Avenue United Methodist. I’ve been tutoring kids here for two years, and this year I am stepping up to the middle and high school boys, taking over a weekly basketball game and – pardon? – devotional.

Nashville’s Hispanic Community. Again I am not sure how I’ll be involved; either through my friend/Spanish partner Camilo*, or (hopefully) and internship with a Hispanic non-profit.

Hanging out with you. That is, if you’re going to be in Nashville in August. Hopefully this semester will include a little more down time than last. Poker/movie/drink/baseball game/hammock time, here I come.

*the coolest Colombian ever. No kidding.

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