What Mark Is Doing

After having sampled the various activities of Manna Project – please ask me questions, because every day has its own story – I’ve decided to focus in on a few activities:

1) High school English teaching. Four hours a day, two days a week, for kids mostly between fifteen and nineteen. Remember how mean kids could be in high school? Well, now imagine that they can say all those mean things to your face because you can’t understand what they’re saying anyway. Let’s just say I’m going to pick up a very… specialized… vocabulary at the Cedro Galan High School

2) Adult English. Two hours a day, twice a week, about fifteen college-aged kids (young adult? Am I really a “young adult?”). These kids will most likely become the leaders of this community, and therefore may be Manna’s best shot at affecting Cedro Galan’s future.

3) Beisbol! (Baseball!) Apparently, there’s an American named Marshall that’s supposed to come this weekend; when he does (he doesn’t know this yet), I’m planning on being his assistant coach on the Chiquilistagua beisbol team.

4) Spanish, Spanish, Spanish. I don’t know if I can list the number of times I’ve had to swallow my frustrations at not knowing Spanish and being able to communicate. Ergo, I’ve started taking Spanish lessons for four hours every weekday morning, for as long as it takes. My teacher’s name is Milagro (“miracle” in Spanish), has two kids named Miguel and Nahom, and fought as an eight-year-old in the Revolution.

5) Guitar. I’ve played more guitar in the last two weeks than in the last three years. Have any songs I should learn in my downtime?

6) Huey Long. I gave up on Crime and Punishment, and have started reading Huey Long, the biography of the old governor. Given that when I read Truman I wanted to be President, and when I read Surviving the Extremes (Ryan Webb, you HAVE to read this book) I wanted to be a doctor, I’m a little nervous reading about the “despot of the delta.”

2 Replies to “What Mark Is Doing”

  1. You know Huey Long was so certain he would be president he actually began writing a book entitled, “My First Days in the White House”? And when he was told he had to build dorms, not a football stadium at LSU, he built the stadium with dorm rooms underneath the bleachers. That’s an impressive ego right there.

  2. It makes me happy to know that I am in your thoughts. Not so much from a self-centered egocentric perspective, but merely to know that the friends I have and love and keep in my thoughts, are out there. I will read this book immediately.

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