Back in the Groove

As a way of re-introducing myself to the guitar, I’ve decided to make a (short) list of all the songs I know how to play, and another (much longer) list of the songs I want to learn. Want to help? Respond with one of the following:

1) Songs you’ve heard me play and like,
2) Songs you’ve heard me play that I should never play in front of people ever again,
3) Songs you think I should learn, or
4) Songs that you don’t have any idea whether or not I know, but by golly I should.

11 Replies to “Back in the Groove”

  1. If you know Bernard Lavilliers you can try to play the song “Marin”.
    I have sent you this song on your adress e-mail.

  2. Simon and Garfunkle, Maroon 5, Comfortable – John Mayer, Move On – Jet, Jin and Juice – Snoop Dogg. Oh yeah, and any Texas Country cause I like it.

  3. If you do Gin and Juice like Luke suggested, you must do it in the spirit of the Phish cover. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you must download it pronto. Thank me later.

  4. I think the name of the band who actually recorded the infamous cover is the Gourds, but everyone thinks it was Phish. So, you should be able to find it online under both of those names.

  5. Eric Clapton/ Tears in Heaven (I heard it when a friend played it on Thursday and it almost made me cry.)

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