~ pictures ~

The amount of pictures that I have taken so far in Nicaragua is, to say the least, disappointing. These are a few standouts – but first, some shots from the birthday party of Noah, the (now) six-year old cousin and rock star.


The pooped birthday boy with his equally pooped mother

Marcos Mano de Nicaragua 006.jpg

What mom wishes she had when I was six

Marcos Mano de Nicaragua 002.jpg

Marcos Mano de Nicaragua 005.jpg


Now, Nicaragua pictures:

My first Nicaraguan kiss, on the island of Ometepe

Marcos Mano de Nicaragua 003.jpg

One picture of La Finca, our hostel on Ometepe. Note hammocks, of course.

Marcos Mano de Nicaragua 021.jpg

Feeding program kids:

Marcos Mano de Nicaragua 012.jpg

Marcos Mano de Nicaragua 010.jpg

Marcos Mano de Nicaragua 011.jpg

Last Saturday, Manna helped throw the official opening fiesta of the Augusts’ community center. Yours truly was in charge of face painting which, I believe, was a huge success. The boy in the second picture (like the one who received the sideways Nicaraguan flag) may not agree…

Marcos Mano de Nicaragua 015.jpg

Marcos Mano de Nicaragua 017.jpg

Some of my new Nicaraguan friends and swimming students, along with Jeannine, another summer volunteer from Yale.

Marcos Mano de Nicaragua 018.jpg

More pictures and stories coming soon, I hope. Any suggestions?

5 Replies to “~ pictures ~”

  1. thanks for the pics. it was good to see you face and see some of the people that you are working with. by the way, i think the bandana is a good look for you!haha sit in a hammock for me cause nursing school does not really leave time for that kind of thing! i hate summer school!anyway, be careful, be safe, have fun!

  2. Love the pics…little partial to the first one 🙂 Looks like you are staying busy. Take care and thinking of you often. Aunt Jeri

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