When I applied to volunteer at Holy Cross Hospice, the director and Dean looked at my previous “Where is Mark” website, and were highly impressed. Unfortunately, they were impressed not by the content (mine) but by the design (my brother Robert’s). When I showed up with a laptop, I immediately became the hospice’s IT staff.

I inherited my mother’s technological vibe. That vibe, once sent out, seems to locate the glitches in any new technology, then center them directly in front of whatever task we attempt. I actually stump actual IT staff sometimes when I bring them whatever smoking hunk of metal I have ruined this time.

Despite all odds, however, I* have managed to put together a website for Holy Cross Hospice. To see the first draft and read about the Tlokweng residential care hospice that is my next project, head this way:


Specifically, check out the “Learn More” section – one that includes links to background information about HIV, orphans and vulnerable children, and the neighborhoods in which the Hospice operates.

*with help and/or pictures from Robert, Jason, Anne and Ami. Thanks, guys.

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