Me haces falta, Latinoamerica

Don’t get me wrong; my time in Botswana has been incredible (see photos), and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

But when my friend Michelle introduced me to Ana, a Peruvian woman living here in Gaborone with her sister and niece (the entire Peruvian community in Botswana) I was reminded, forcefully, that Latin America stole my heart long ago. It has not given it back since. Ana, Michele and I spoke in Spanish for three hours before I began to get antsy, about Peru and Botswana and Latin America and learning Spanish and English and everything else we could come up with just to keep speaking Spanish. Three hours? Shoot. I haven’t been able to sit still that long since about seven months before I was born.

Cuidate, Latinoamerica – estoy veniendo a casa.

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