New Job, New Adventure, New Supplies

Three pieces of good news:

1) Had a meeting last night with the priest I was living with earlier and Howard Moffat, Botswana’s presidential doctor and descendant of Robert Moffat, legendary missionary/explorer. They have asked me to be the point man for the next two months on the planning of Botswana’s first inpatient hospice, which you can read just a little about at the Hospice website.

2) Headed off this morning to the north country – Tsodilo Hills, to be exact, in the panhandle of the Okavango Delta, by way of Ghanzi. If we’re lucky we may have time to go by Kubu Island, reported to be one of the most ghastly, surreal natural experiences on earth. If you want to check some of these places out, I recommend Google Earth‘s National Geographic feature.

3) bought some darts, ping pong balls and a set of poker chips for the house. Life is good.

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