Big Safari Number Two

Sorry, my roommate has all the pictures on his computer. In the meantime, I have a couple of articles to recommend. My friend Luke, my brother, and a few others have developed a chain of emails about two recent phenomena in the American church: the Emergent church and the Reformed church, two very different movements gathering pace across the States.

This is an article Luke found on the Emergent church, and this is an article in Christianity Today about the Reformed church. The effect? Check out this NYTimes article, also linked from Robert’s website, about evangelicals’ fears that they are losing young people, and fast.

From what I can put together, both movements attempt to move “back to the basics,” though they have drastically different understandings of what that means. For the Emergent church, it is a return to the sense of community that defined and set apart the early church. For Reformed churches, it means harkening back to a form of Calvinism, alternately called the doctrine of the elect or predestination, depending. Together (but separately) they are poised to transform the landscape of American Christianity. Check it out – and if this is remotely interesting to you, bookmark Robert’s blog.

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