Now THIS is cool

So getting my new assignment went something like this:

Me: Nick, I’ve finished the website and am a little frustrated by the day care hospice here. I’m thinking about packing up and going to Mozambique for the next couple of months to learn Portuguese.

The Dean: Well, what about this residential hospice in Tlokweng? I could really use someone to take the reins on that one and push it along.

Me (thinking): Inpatient hospice? Let’s see… do I know anything about paliative care? Nope. Fundraising? Well, I sold popcorn when I was a boyscout. And there was that christmas wrapping stuff, I think I ended up winning a cool phone out of that. Construction planning? Eh, two months in Shreveport… not really enough. Project management? Nuh uh.

Me (out loud): Ok, I’ll do it.

You learn to swim in the deep end, right? If you know ANYBODY interested in AIDS, cancer, palliative care, or sub-Saharan Africa, please send them my way. I need experts, I need money, and I need all the advice I can get to pull this off.

This, by the way, is what the site looks like now. The plot I’m working with goes from the wall on the left side to the point of the triangle on the right:

2 Replies to “Now THIS is cool”

  1. Bit of deja vu: I went for a jog and got locked out of my appartment by my roommate, unfortunately I don’t know my neighbors and just got to sit on the porch for an hour. I guess this reminded me to check up on things in Botswana. In terms of AIDS etc get in contact with PMH and UB. I know there were some first year med students from Penn who alternated working at the hospice and PMH. I don’t know much about the workings of UB, but they ought to have some experts who would be willing to help. Also, if you haven’t done so, pester Carl about experts from BHP. And unless you want the process to take forever, leave the ministry of health out of the formula as much as possible (I am still trying to get data out of them).

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