Why there are no McDonalds in Botswana


“A primer in international political economy.”

My cousin Meredith asked me the other day if McDonald’s had yet conquered Botswana. Botswana does have KFC and a Portuguese chain called Nando’s (America, you’re missing out on some serious peri-peri), but no McDonald’s.

How come?

In its burgers, McDonald’s regularly uses calf meat. That, however, is outlawed in Botswana, whose second largest export behind its increasingly precarious diamond supply is beef.

A McDonald’s in Botswana would therefore have to import beef from South Africa. Not impossible: Gaborone is some fifteen miles from the South African border. Still, not going to happen. The main destination for Botswana beef is Europe, which is a stickler for food safety. Were something like mad cow to occur in cows in South Africa, Europe could put a halt on Botswana beef. Botswana would then ban South African beef, and just like that you’d have a vegetarian McDonald’s.*

Batswana do not do vegetarian. Period. In fact, I think I might have gotten scurvy at some point in the last two months. No beef means no McDonald’s, and that’s not a risk the Big American Arches are willing to take. No sir.

Which brings me to another question: with all this beef floating around, why in the world aren’t there more hamburgers? They have beef out the wazoo, and I know I’ve seen hot dogs everywhere. Two plus two, Botswana.

6 Replies to “Why there are no McDonalds in Botswana”

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  2. I see this is a little old. But WoW, I am currnelty doing research into gettign a Micky D's in Botswana. Can you tell me if this info is still relevant or where can I get an update.

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