Next Stop, Ecuador (Help!)

In the fall of 2007, I will be headed to Quito, Ecuador, with some of the best people you might ever meet to start a site for Manna Project International. Our goal is to work with a community in Quito to provide an authentic service experience to college students and graduates.

Where I need some help: I and a handful of potential co-founders are going to scout out neighborhoods in Quito in early January. If you know people in Quito – or know people who know people – pass us their names, what they are doing or have done in Ecuador, and contact information. Thanks!

6 Replies to “Next Stop, Ecuador (Help!)”

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  2. I don’t think askinstoo is being completly honest about about why he came to your site Mark. I think he was just looking for an excuse to put that link up on your blog.Hey, if the law school starts heading south for me, could I come hang with you in Ecuador?

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