This is why I’m here

About two months ago, two brothers from Ecuador’s coast moved into San Fransisco with their mom. She works straight from Monday to Saturday in Quito, but can’t afford to send her boys to school this year. The oldest is nine years old and can’t spell his name yet.

Luckily, UBECI has a long-standing scholarship program for kids in this situation. Unluckily, it’s pretty empty right now. Monica asked me if MPI could help find the money necessary to send both boys to school for the year – roughly $200.

We were a man down at our weekly MPI meeting last night, since Zak got stuck in New York after a plane crashed on the Quito runway. But we also have a friend from the States visiting this week who sat in to see what we’re about. When he heard how much it would take to put our two boys in school, he didn’t hesitate. “$200? That’s it? Here’s your $200. Done.”

And just like that, the two brothers get to go to school this year.

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