I wish it would Rain

I really do. Which is strange, because from the months of September to February, it rains every afternoon in Quito. Or at least five times in a week. Mornings? Beautiful, sunny, warm, stereotypically Latin American. Afternoons? Think Scotland, Seattle, Vancouver, or Nashville in February, depending on your reference point.

So why, do you ask, do I wish it would rain more? A full answer to that question would require a mind-numbingly boring description of Ecuadorian plumbing: electric shower heads, overflowing water reservoirs on our roof, stopped up pipes and leaking sinks. At the moment, however, our liquid issues have nothing to do with the infrastructure of our house, and all to do with Quito’s city waterworks. Apparently (we discovered while I was in the shower yesterday afternoon) the city decided to cut off all the water to our neighborhood for an hour’s worth of pipe cleaning. That was yesterday. Now it’s today.

So, I wish it would rain. Because if it does, then maybe our roof-top reservoir will fill up enough for me to finish washing my sheets. Just maybe.

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