Somebody’s going to make a million dollars

Back when instant messenger was cool, there were handfuls of programs with which you could talk to what seemed to be the entire world (omg, ur 2 cool 4 skool): AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Jabber, etc. Now, however, Mac users can download a single program called Adium that sticks them all together in one nice little window.

So where’s the million dollars? Come up with an “Adium” for social networking sites. At last count, I had accepted friends’ invitations to exactly eight different networking sites:

Facebook – basic.
MySpace – sleazy. Got off a couple months ago.
Goodreads – for sharing book recommendations.
LinkedIn – for people who want jobs but never leave their computers.
Doostang – same thing. I guess they’ve got an HD-DVD v. Blu-Ray thing going on.
Hi5 – Facebook for Spanish speakers. Still can’t figure out why it’s “Hi-Five” and not “Hi-Cinco.”
Couchsurfing – Let’s search for people who have couches you can crash on for free.
Razoo – A site for international do-gooders.

So please, someone, make you million dollars and simplify my life a little bit. And throw some bones my way when you do, please.

One Reply to “Somebody’s going to make a million dollars”

  1. Thank God someone has said what I’ve been thinking the past few months. I’ve joined a number of social communities (Facebook, LinkedIn, Razoo, Badoo-for Europeans) because I was invited by good friends and was, I’ll admit, curious. Now I want out. If someone isn’t writing on my wall or sending me a drink, they’re finding new communities for me to join. How did you get out of MySpace and is it simply rude to try to quit? Aeeeeeeee!

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