Don’t do it, Bobby!

As great as it would be to have a Louisiana boy in line for the Presidency (and really, how long would John McCain last in the Oval?), I’ve got one message for Bobby Jindal as he meets with McCain this week:
Don’t do it. 
Why? First and foremost, Governor Jindal, we need you. Ethics reform was a crucial first step in your administration, but just that: a first step. There’s so much more to accomplish.
Second, we’ll all be very, very upset. You think Louisianians were mad about Saban going to Alabama?
Third, you’ll probably lose. You may be the anti-Obama, and you may make Republican insiders swoon, but the chances of a McCain victory in November are slim. Which brings us around to what some of your staffers must be whispering: hey, Bobby. If you’re on the ticket in November, think how much press time you’ll get – and if/when McCain loses, what a great position you’ll be in for the 2012 race. Maybe. But how much better off would you be if you could point to four years of executive-level accomplishments in a state that needs them? Consider how potent the attacks on Obama’s experience level have been in 2008.
So please, take the free press that comes with being courted by a Presidential candidate. And make buddies with him, please, so that Louisiana doesn’t lose all its clout in DC in 2008. But don’t take the bait. Louisiana needs you.

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