Many paths, one god(s)?

“Seventy percent of Americans with a religious affiliation say that many religions — not just their own — can lead to eternal life. Most also think there is more than one correct way to interpret the teachings of their own faith.”

– from a new Pew survey on American religion. You can read more about it in this article.

One Reply to “Many paths, one god(s)?”

  1. “The state where the most people think they have a prayer answered at least once a month is Mississippi, at 46 percent. The lowest figure is New Hampshire/Vermont, at 19 percent. Literal interpretation of Scripture — belief that the Bible is the word of God, word for word — is highest in Mississippi, at 64 percent, and lowest in New Hampshire/Vermont, 16 percent.”Not too shabby for ol’ MS, no?Hope you’re well…

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