Mark the Killer

Holly and Serena came back from Sangolquí markets today with two chicks and two ducklings.

As the resident dad of MPIE, I was less than excited about our new pets: “Where will you keep them? What do they eat? Do you have a plan for when they’re not cute anymore?” And yes, I had already looked up websites on how to butcher ducks.

That said, I wasn’t so upset about our new friends that I was homicidal. But then I stood up to go grab a beer, the pink one decided that a good spot to hang out would be right underneath where my right foot was headed. Since my (sandal-clad) foot didn’t cast a mortal blow, I had to finish the job with a kitchen knife. I’m not sure Serena will ever forgive me, and I’m slightly traumatized myself.

Rest in peace, little artificially pink guy.

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