Happy International Volunteer Day!

December 5th is International Volunteer Day – a day set aside by the United Nations since 1985 to celebrate volunteerism. On this day we pause to celebrate the many thousands of people who travel across the globe to serve the needs of their fellow man. International volunteers work side by side with local citizens in every corner of the world helping address every kind of need including the UN Millennium Development Goals. MPI is proud of the work we do in this field and proud to be part of the Building Bridges Coalition– a consortium of leading international volunteering organizations, colleges & universities, corporations and government agencies working collaboratively to double the number of volunteers serving abroad by 2010 while improving program quality and maximizing positive impacts in the communities where volunteers serve.

WHAT CAN YOU DO?: Have you had the privilege of participating in an international volunteer program? If so, help us raise awareness by writing a phrase or two on December 5th about why or how your experience was meaningful to you. If you have a regular Facebook, MySpace, BeGlobal or other personal blog presence, simply take 2 minutes and make your entry there. Or Twitter your friends to honor the day. Or send an e-mail to your friends about the benefits to you and those you served. Consider including a link back to our website (www.mannaproject.org) to create even further awareness. Together, we can build a better world

Happy International Volunteer Day!
Your friends at MPI


2 Replies to “Happy International Volunteer Day!”

  1. hey dude,maybe my computer is messed up, but on your blog the whole right column is cutting off about 4 or 5 letters at the end of each line. also the building bridges link doesnt work. i added www and then it worked for me.just thought you might want to know…craig

  2. I have the same problem viewing your post that Craig does. But thanks for letting us know about this day. I did not see your post until late, but I still posted something on Facebook about it. And I want to extend personal thanks for all you and the rest of the Manna teams (in Ecuador and Nicaragua) do.

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