Things I like

• Honey Bunches of Oats. Are they the perfect cereal, or is my perception skewed from two years of off-brand corn flakes?

• That my niece Genevieve says “no way!” when she feels particularly strong about something.

• My niece Genevieve, even when she’s sick.

• My brother’s Michigander friends. “I was in Ecuador once on a missions trip,” says one. “They said we could either dig ditches or organize books. I said, ‘Heck yeah! I’m going to go catalogue, baby.'” He now works in the Calvin College Bookstore.

• Rhianna’s “Hate How Much I Love You,” the version with Spanish d.b. Davíd Bisbal. Yes, it’s true. More about my lifelong love-hate relationship with very, very bad music, coming soon.

• Grand Rapids’ best coffee at its coolest coffeeshop, The Sparrows. Please ignore that the link is to a myspace page; sometimes greatness and early adoption of technology don’t coincide.

• Bulkagov’s The Master and Margarita, which I finally found at a used bookstore in Grand Rapids. I have an inkling that this book is newly popular for some reason or another. Anybody else besides Seth, Dunc and Chris read it recently?

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