The Changing (and Darkening) Face of Houston

For the last 30 years, Rice’s Kinder Institute for Urban research has been tracking demographics and attitudes in Houston. Below are some interesting conclusions drawn from Kinder professor Stephen Klineberg‘s 2012 presentation on “The Changing Face of Houston

  • Between the 2000 and 2010 census, Hispanics became the largest ethnic group in Houston. By 2010, they accounted for over 40% of Houston’s 4 million residents.
  • Both US-born Latinos and US-born Blacks have higher rates of college attendance than US-born Anglos, but lower rates of college completion (1994-2011).
  • In 2006 a majority of Blacks believed that “the criminal justice system in Houston is biased against Blacks” and “If most Katrina victims had been white, the government would have responded more quickly.” A majority of Hispanics, whites, and Asians did not agree.
  • 74% of Houstonians favor “granting illegal immigrants in the US a path to legal citizenship, if they speak English and have no criminal record”
  • 29% of second-generation Latino immigrants think of themselves as primarily Hispanic (1994-2011).

Two graphs full of nerdy fun from the presentation:

Two questions for Professor Klineberg, since I haven’t been able to hear the presentation:

  1. What was happening in Houston in 1997 and the years prior to 2007 that would cause Houston’s Blacks to rate race relations as particularly low?
  2. You use agreement with the following two questions as indicators of Latino assimilation: “Preschoolers are likely to have problems later if both parents work” and “A disapproved-of book should be kept out of public libraries.” Why these two?

*Thanks to AJC Houston’s Matt Kahn for tipping me off to Dr Klineberg’s presentation.

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