Old Naledi

Maps of Gaborone, Botswana, list the neighborhood’s name Old Naledi. Most residents of Botswana, however, know it as zola –Setswana word meaning “no rules.” According to legend, bureaucrats gave poor Batswana families plot numbers, then allowed them to set up their houses wherever they liked within the district, one by one. As a result, house …

Batswana Xylophones

In elementary school, I loathed music class. Hated it. I knew what music was supposed to sound like, and it certainly was not what came out of the various implements in Mrs. Whatzherface's classroom. Imagine the intital grimace, then, as my colleague Newman informed me that I would be leading the marimba (huge xylophone) classes …

Kgale Hill

I finally managed to upload a picture. Given how slow Blogger seems to be in Botswana, there may not be many more: Meet Newman, a colleague of mine from Holy Cross Hospice. The view behind him is central Gaborone, from the top of Kgale Hill which we climbed Sunday afternoon.


Four "firsts" this weekend: 1) An African sinus infection. Far more irritating than the American version. 2) Driving on real roads with a stick shift. 3) Driving on the left side of said roads, Commonwealth style. 4) Knicking the rearview mirror of an understandably irate doctor from the Ukraine. Looking forward to weekend number two.