The Flatmates!

On this side of the ocean, you don't "rent apartments" - you "hire flats." Logically, I have five flatmates rather than suitemates or roommates , and what looks to be a good group of them. James from England is a final year chemistry student and apparently expert kayaker (spelling, anyone?). Dave from Scotland likes death …

The Update

It's hard to believe I've only been here for a week - I believe that the Calvin and Hobbes "The Days Are Just Packed!" book title sums up what life is like right now, and what life should be like. That, and only that, keeps me from feeling guilty about not giving my loved ones …

Breaking Scotland In

The Days Are Just Packed!!!* Day one. 30 January 2005: First flight cancelled (thank you, airlines. When will someone get those things working?). Met two of my great-grandfather's college athletes on the plane, then say next to a Sunni Muslim pediatrician named Rajj from Kashmir who married a Catholic woman and was sorry to hear …

Address in St. Andrews

Woohooooo! With postage at just 80 cents per letter, my address and housing in St. Andrews is here: Mark Hand AP/0405 Albany Park St. Mary's Place St. Andrews Fife KY16 9BP SCOTLAND To see my flat, click here Here goes nothing, folks. T-minus 30 hours!

Six Degrees of Europeans

As I have been preparing for Scotland, I have run across a few people who have friends all over Europe. Because I would like to travel as much as possible, if any of you have friends in continental Europe (particularly Eastern Europe) or in the UK, please let me know!