SVCO 2014?


Prompted by Oxford professor Marc Ventresca, a list of potential topics for Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford in 2014:

  • Machine learningand its effect on different industries (automobiles & finance being the most obvious both in application and in local networks)
  • I heard quite a bit of noise at SVCO this year about Bitcoin. What about a virtual currency theme along with a fintech theme?
  • 3D printing would be a playful theme, with an emphasis on building real things rather than not apps
  • Building healthcare, how about genetics? Perhaps in conjunction with the Wellcome Trust
  • If we want to mimic the development of the internet, how about we track DARPA’s focus on robotics?

2 Replies to “SVCO 2014?”

  1. Seems like a natural choice might be Bitcoin; I’ve been surprised by the lack of discussion of crypocurrencies at Oxford (given it’s science/computing strengths and the business school). There are a number of bay area startups in this field.

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