Visualizing the GIIN Impact Investing Network with Neo4j

Impact investing is a new and growing field in which financial institutions and individuals invest their money not only for financial return, but also for social and environmental impact.

The field is in such a state of rapid growth that Antony Bugg-Levine and Jed Emerson, two central players in this arena, recently described impact investing as a “dark wood” whose boundaries are in flux and definitions are contested.

I have been working in impact investing for much of the last half-decade; so when my RGK Center colleague Clare Zutz asked me how she could learn more about impact investing in food and agriculture, my response was to point her to individuals knowledgeable about the state of the field, rather than the industry.

Something clicked for us both – the information is out there, but it isn’t easily accessible or visible, especially to newcomers and outsiders. What if we used a graph to help people see and access this field?

Read the rest of the post on the neo4j blog

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